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Author and Speaker



Of course, I write extensively on organizing in my newsletter and on my blog. But I've also been published in a number of other places.


I've had six articles published in CoastViews Magazine. Some of these are now online:


I've also written for Today's Home Magazine:


I'vw been a contributor to the Stacks and Stacks Clutter Control Freak blog. And I've been a guest blogger on Neat and Simple Living, Organize in Style, The Home Office Organizer, and Simpler Living. I started writing for Unclutterer in April 2013.





Want a guest speaker for your group? I can speak for 15 minutes or for hours, on any number of topics. Some talks I've given before have covered:

  • Junk mail reduction.
  • Green organizing.


Presentations can involve interactive exercises, not just me talking!