Can my organizing services help you?

I work with people, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, who want help organizing their homes or offices.

Would you like to:

  • Stop buying replacements for things you own but can't find?
  • Have space to work on your kitchen countertop?
  • Have room to park your car in your garage?
  • Stop paying late charges on bills that get misplaced?
  • No longer have "scary closets" or "scary rooms"?
  • Stop fighting with your spouse or partner about the clutter?
  • Find the buried treasures?

Or maybe you are already pretty organized, but:

  • There's still a problem area that just doesn't work — a dysfunctional closet, for example.
  • You have the nagging feeling you could use your space better.

I can help you develop and implement an organizing scheme that will work for your particular personality and needs. Together, we can eliminate the clutter and keep it from coming back.

Since 1993

head shot of Jeri Dansky, with long red hair and gasses.The cliched "hand under chin" pose.

My clients include:

  • Lawyers, educators, medical professionals, high-tech workers, and other business professionals.
  • Artists - both pros and hobbyists.
  • Small business owners and office managers.
  • Parents.
  • Retirees.
  • People with cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits and chickens.
  • People moving into new homes, and people who still haven't fully settled in from the last move.
  • People who've been in their homes for 30 or 40 years.
  • People going through major life changes: marriages or other household combinations, divorces, career changes, serious illnesses, etc.
  • People of various races and genders/identities.
  • People who were afraid to call an organizer!

Covid-19 note: I'm glad to work with you if we can do it safely.

  • Most of my work requires us to work together, indoors, in close contact — which isn't safe unless we're vaccinated. However, there are exceptions. For example, I've had clients who give me a large bundle of papers to organize; I do that and then return them.
  • As of March 16, 2021, I am two weeks past my second vaccination. I'll be glad to work indoors, masked, with clients who are also vaccinated.
  • Have questions? I'd be glad to answer them as best I can.

    Call or text at 650 743-4569 or send an email to jeri at jdorganizer dot com.