February 2007 Newsletter

This month’s focus: Time management                                      

Tip of the Month: Keeping Track of Key Dates

We all know that appointments get recorded on our calendar. Birthdays are another common calendar entry. And depending on your time management system, you may also block out time for project work on your calendar.

But my calendar also includes:

  • Dates to re-order prescription medicines (entered whenever I get a new refill)
  • Dates by which to cancel free offers so I won’t get billed (Amazon Prime, free issues of magazines, etc.)
  • Dates when library books (or various rentals) are due to be returned
  • Dates when other people are on vacation (when that matters to me)
  • Dates when I’ve promised to call people back

I put these on my calendar rather than on my to-do list because they have a firm due date — and because I’d probably forget them if they weren’t written down.

Another alternative would be to use a tickler file system (and its 43 folders) to keep track of such things — but I don’t happen to use a tickler system.

And a third alternative would be an on-line reminder system such as Remember the Milk; such systems have a multitude of possible uses.

So think about which dates you need to keep track of, and how you’re going to do that.

More on Last Month’s Topic: Eliminating/Reducing the Catalogs

Reader Charles Cave gives us information from another part of the world, saying, “In Australia the Australian Direct Marketing Association has a facility for registering a DO NOT MAIL and DO NOT CALL service but only relevant for companies who are members of ADMA.

I gave them my details and there was only a small reduction in the telemarketing calls but the direct mail does seem to have fallen a lot. I’m afraid telemarketing seems to be the next big growth field!”

Thank you, Charles!

Organizing Event of the Month

Springboard Training declares that February is National Time Management Month. “This is the month when the noble plans made in January begin to go awry. This month is dedicated to renewing those best laid plans, breaking open those new calendars that have yet to be opened, and reevaluating and re-prioritizing harried, out-of-balance lives – making specific commitments to balance them.” Read more on their web site; they can also send you additional information.

Quote of the Month

James T. McKay, in his book The Management of Time, suggests you can read 50,000 words a minute. All you have to do is recognize within one minute that a 50,000 word book is not going to help you and then don’t read it!

— Harold L. Taylor, Making Time Work For You