November 2010 Newsletter

Tip of the Month: Gift giving

The gift-giving season is upon us, and that inspired me to take a look around my home to notice the gifts that have meant the most to me. Here’s what I found:

1. They were picked specifically for me.
These were not generic gifts that could be given to anyone. The friend who gave me the mobile of a cow with wings knew that I would love my flying cow because I once got taken in by a tale of flying cows — it’s a long story. The friend who gave me some of his photography knew that I adored this one particular photo. The friends who selected books for me knew my tastes, and introduced me to new authors I now enjoy.

I just ran into Denise, a business colleague, who told me of her favorite gifts when she was a child; they came from an aunt, and they were always spot on. “She knew me!” Denise said. How wonderful when a gift shows that sense of knowing!

2. Some were handmade.
I still cherish the vest a friend made for me years ago. I’m also very glad to have an acrylic box full of cranes folded by my friend Janet. Other items were handmade, but not by the giver; they came from individual artisans.

3. Most of them weren’t at all expensive.
They took time and thought – but none of my favorite gifts caused any financial strain for the giver.

4. Some of them are no longer here.
That’s because they were consumables — like the wonderful bottle of champagne my brother got me for my last birthday, knowing I love champagne more than any other wine. Someone else gave me a bottle of a special liquid soap that I admired when I used it at her home. You’ll still find the soap in my home, but those are replacement bottles; the original is long gone.

Here’s to gifts that will be cherished, rather than those that simply become clutter!

Organizing Quote of the Month: The 4 Gifts

I don’t know the original source for this, but I’ve seen it all over the web recently. It’s a suggestion for how to limit the gifts you give to children over the holiday season.

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
And something to read.

Organizing Product of the Month

In keeping with the handmade theme above, let’s admire this cosmetics organizer from Etsy seller Less & More. These organizers are available in various sizes — and there’s one just for lipsticks, too.