Testimonials from my clients

Jeri Dansky is far more than a skilled and creative organizing whiz. She brings to each project we undertake together a keen sense for my personal goals and bents. She offers not a "one-size-fits-all" list of tactics, but guidance in crafting organizing solutions and strategies that fit my busy, unique lifestyle. Her rates are amazingly reasonable given her expertise and experience. Jeri is a gem!
—Janice Bressler, Bay Area attorney

Jeri Dansky is an awesome organizer and a beautiful person. I fall in the category of someone who loves the idea of having help but is always worried about whether I should spend money on hiring a professional. After working with Jeri several times, I urge anyone to at least give it a try at least 2 or 3 times. You will make amazing progress with Jeri's help and it is well worth your investment. Jeri will adapt to your personality and needs and she will be quick to guide and encourage you if that is what you need or want. She has a fun sense of humor, and I liked how she can help by freecycling giveaway items. Whenever Jeri helped me we accomplished a lot, and I also had extra motivation to do more.
—S.H., El Granada

My garage is a completely different space now, can't believe it.
—L.J., Menlo Park

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I didn't know where to begin or what kind of project I faced. I think I was more stressed from unfinished business than I realized. My desktop was hard to look at, let alone live with.

You were like a breathe of fresh air and your help was like a walk with a friend. I especially liked the gentle training that I feel will continue to seep into my thoughts. I'll continue down this path much more easily now.

You are a big hug. Thank you again!!
—Michelle, San Francisco

Thank you again for all your assistance during this move, Jeri. It helps so much to know that at least some of the stuff I've held on to for way too long now is where it will be loved &/or used. ...

You do really, really good work, Jeri. And I mean that in all senses of the phrase. You are a true, ethical, incredibly competent professional, and you help people remove obstacles that impede their own life's work. How great & important is that!
—Sheryl Carver, Half Moon Bay

Jeri is a pleasure to work with. She never made me feel like a bad girl who hadn’t cleaned her room.
—Judy Shintani; read more about our work together

It was a pleasure to work with you and your help was invaluable in getting us off the ground and moving forward!
—Gina, Pacifica

Thank you! Our house is so much lighter.
—Tala Wood-Stephens, Pacifica

Hallway working fantastically...a big thanks to you for pushing me through the parts where I struggled. It was worth it.
—P.R., Switzerland

Thank you for all the fruits of your labor with me which have resulted in much relief and positive change.
—Dan, Moss Beach

Thanks. You listened to what I like and don't like. You made suggestions that I didn't think of myself. You also took your shoes off for my bedroom rug. 🙂
—J.B. San Jose

Until I began working with Jeri, I was paralyzed and discouraged by the volume of stuff we had accumulated over the years – our stuff was running our lives! Jeri appreciates that everyone has different needs and customizes her approach to every client. She wasn't fazed by our extreme situation and immediately put me at ease. Thanks to Jeri’s patience, kind nature and iron determination, we tackled my worst nightmares and I now have a much happier home.
—P.S., San Francisco Bay Area

Thanks again soooooooooo much for your support and help!!!!!!!!!!!
—G.M., Pacifica

I had given up ever seeing the top of my desk or finding a book or a paper in my disaster of an office and then I called Jeri Dansky. All I can say is if you want someone to accomplish the impossible, clear your work area and make it possible for you to conduct business in an organized, lucrative manner, Jeri is the one to call. She is without doubt the most dedicated, hardest worker I have ever met. We pack two hours of solid work in 60 minutes and the result is a beautiful, workable place to operate my several businesses, a sense of renewal because I can finally find what I need and a marvelous surge of hope that at last I will get closer to my business objectives. If you are facing chaos and want to find order, I cannot recommend Jeri highly enough. She is your answer.
—L.R., Pacifica

Jeri, I hope you give yourself lots of good person credits for doing such an amazing job of finding new homes and thrift stores for all of the extra things you take home from here. Even if I could manage to organize on my own, I know I would never ever spend the time and effort you do on finding good new places to recycle the extra items. When you first said you would find new homes for my things and it would be better for everyone, I kind of just thought that I didn't really care what happened to the stuff as long as it was gone. But, you are right. It really makes a difference and it is easier to let things go knowing there is future happiness for some unknown crazy computer person, new mom, mother of boys, etc.
—C.D., Palo Alto

Jeri went to Paris with me to help me furnish my new apartment. Her presence was invaluable. She helped me make decisions that kept me from buying 'junk' that would eventually clutter my life. With her there to remind me, I bought what really made me happy and passed up substitutes that would only annoy me later. She's worth her weight in gold.
—K.L., Paris

Hi Jeri,
I wanted to thank you again for such a great session. Your tips and advice were invaluable to us.
—C.P., San Francisco

Jeri is a fantastic organizer that helped me greatly when I was faced with a personal illness and needed to organize mountains of medical bills. She was also fantastic at taming the mounds of stuff that had accumulated in my house. She'll work to find a system that works for you as opposed to imposing her own system on you.
—G.B., San Francisco Bay Area

Thank you so much. You should be a very good coach because you respect the peculiar way each one has.
—Silvia Alves, Brazil (in response to e-mailed advice/coaching)

Jeri is very sweet, gentle and absolutely relentless. Once you say the word she will come in and hold your hand and not leave your side until she has marched you through your worst organizational nightmares. Automatic phone systems, heartless bill collectors, indecision, confusing techno-babble---nothing fazes her until the table is clear. I adore her because when the dust clears awful guilt-inducing things have gone bye bye.
—Shirley, Montara

I worked with Jeri Dansky for 13 consecutive Thursdays in 2005. If you feel stuck or consumed by your clutter, I recommend you call Jeri immediately! Clearing clutter was a long-standing unfulfilled goal of mine which I could not have finally accomplished without Jeri's assistance. Not only is the process of clutter clearing very life-affirming, but Jeri embodies a life-affirming essence as well. You cannot help but feel better about yourself after working with her. I plan to continue working with her once a month as "maintenance" in the future to keep clutter away and to ensure the optimal utilization of those possessions I choose to keep.
—Lisa, Hayward

Dear Jeri,
I am so delighted with our ‘bath and body’ closet. We are so enjoying the kitchen organization, and now we are going to have sanity in the bath area as well. I wish that we met you years ago! I can hardly believe how transformative your work has been in our house.Thank you very, very much.
—G.V., Pacifica

Working with Jeri is a wonderful experience. Even with all of her tips on how to keep junk from accumulating and what to do with it when it inevitably does, there is no substitute for her hands-on help, her enthusiasm and her drive to complete what we start. She is a pest of the best kind. It's a godsend to have her stay with me during the hard and boring parts. And when I get tired and unmotivated, she reminds me to look around at how terrific my rooms look and how pleased I am to accomplish my goals.
—Karen, Palo Alto

Jeri worked with my daughter, and she accomplished what I couldn't accomplish in 20 years.
—R.S., Millbrae

I let many of my magazines and business papers accumulate until I couldn't determine what I had read and what I should have disposed of. It reached a point where I never invited anyone to visit me. Then Jeri came to look my place over. There was no question she could help me clear up my mess. I hope she gets a chance to help you, too.
—Julie, San Jose

You give me hope.
—Mary Anne, San Francisco